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Innovation. Rigour. Discovery.

CMCC has one of the most innovative chiropractic research programs in North America. The quality and strength of our research is recognised worldwide. It improves the education of tomorrow’s chiropractors and results in more effective delivery of patient care.

Research Agenda

Three Centres of Research Excellence – Our mission is to expand CMCC's research presence and adresses four main research domains: mechanobilogy, health resources, disability preventions and clinical trials both through virtual and physical academic centres.  With these areas as our primary focus, chiropractic research at CMCC will continue to elevate the quality of education and help improve patient care. Click here to read more.

Research Chair

CMCC is pleased to welcome Dr. Sam Howarth as the holder of the McMorland Family Research Chair for the Centre for the Study of Mechanobiology, Injury and Health. An accomplished and award winning scientist,  Dr. Howarth has been involved with multiple collaborations internationally and within Canada. His  specific areas of interest are in  the area of spine function and instability. More

Research Symposiums

The 2013 CMCC Symposium will be taking place on October 26 & 27, 2013, at CMCC in Toronto. Join the brightest minds in the health care profession and learn about the most recent findings in specialized patient management: women's health, geriatrics, paediatrics. More


Our 32 active and prolific investigators have published more than 600 articles in peer-reviewed chiropractic and scholarly journals. More


Read about CMCC Research Division’s latest investigations in clinical research, educational and professional science, interprofessional health dynamics, mechanobiology, injury and health and mentored student projects. More

Partners & Funders

CMCC researchers regularly work together with universities, government and industry to improve chiropractic education, patient health and heath care policy. The division has received grants from a number of sources, including the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, and the National Institutes of Health in the United States. CMCC faculty and students have also formed collaborative relationships with other academic institutions across North America, conducting innovative research projects with fellow scientists at the University of Alberta, University of Calgary, University of Saskatchewan, University of Toronto and Ryerson University. More

Research Facilities

CMCC has a number of laboratories on campus to  investigate mechanisms underlying health and the prevention and treatment of pain. Collaborative arrangements give select CMCC researchers access to laboratories at universities across Canada. More

Research Publications

The CMCC Research Report, published every few years, provides a close-up look at the work of our researchers and the projects taking place at the institution. More

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