CMCC opened its doors on September 18, 1945, welcoming a large class of veterans returning from World War II. It was founded as a Canadian institution that could represent a focal point for chiropractic in Canada. The “memorial” in CMCC’s name is in honour of Daniel David Palmer, the Canadian who founded chiropractic in 1895.

Since its earliest days, CMCC has grown and moved from Bloor Street in downtown Toronto, to 1900 Bayview Avenue (1968-2004) to 6100 Leslie Street. As it is the sole chiropractic educational institution in English speaking Canada, the majority of Canadian chiropractors are CMCC graduates. Having accepted students from around the world, CMCC graduates can also be found in many countries.

Embracing collaboration among educational institutions and health care partners, CMCC continues to contribute research, educational and clinical expertise with partners in North America and abroad.