Diagnostic Imaging Program (Three years)

The Diagnostic Imaging program provides an experience based on academic and interactive exposure with radiologists in various clinical settings. The program develops chiropractic radiologists who have acquired advanced skills and competencies in diagnosis of pathologies; contraindications to spinal manipulative therapy; and expertise in the diagnosis of pathomechanics of the locomotor system via static and dynamic radiographs.


The program utilizes a syllabus put forth by the American College of Chiropractic Radiology (ACCR) to guide the academic portion of the program. The academic portion is broadly divided into Principles of diagnostic imaging and radiation health, Musculoskeletal imaging, Chest imaging, Abdominal imaging, and Neuro-imaging.


Further information can be found below:

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  3. Teaching
  4. Research

Additional opportunities for students in residency programs

  • Graduate students may work as research assistants under the direction of a faculty researcher. Positions may also be available in a CMCC Research Center. Find further information about the Residency Program Research Assistant Opportunities.
  • Graduate students may work as examiners for HPD and OSCE examination in the department of Undergraduate Education.
  • Graduate students may apply for additional teaching opportunities in the department of Undergraduate Education.


For further details, please download the current CMCC Academic Calendar (PDF).