2017 photo diary: Friends for Life

This year's pre-rally fundraising included an incentive by Dr. Craig Jacobs as he challenged interns to raise an additional $500 within the week and he would have a hair tattoo of the HIV/AIDS ribbon in his hair!

Not only did they rise to the challenge, they surpassed it! In two days, they had raised an additional $1200, helping the team to achieve their fundraising goal of $3000 and bring CMCC’s total closer to its goal of $4000.

IMG_4998 (3)

Packing day! Getting ready for the outreach, CMCC interns prepare the van and finish last minute details before hitting the road July 30.

IMG_5008 (1)IMG_5010 (1)IMG_5021

Day 1, setting off from Allan Gardens


Day 2 Andrew Mercer and Liam Ryan lead the warm up 

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Red Dress Day!

thumbnail_Day 3 red dress team photo thumbnail_Day 3 guys in dresses andrew liam brian thumbnail_Day 3 warm up red dress

Red Dress Team!                                                         Red Dress trio: Andrew, Liam and Brian          Red Dress warm up!

thumbnail_Day 3 red dress internsimg_20170801_110415_1024 img_20170801_082146_1024 

Red Dress interns!                                                                                                                                          Says it all!

Day 4 -  the ride from Kingston to Johnstown and the candle light reflection, remembering the reason for the ride.

treating johnstown c treating johnstown b day 4 set up

day 4 bday 4 cday 4 d

At DQ, where a portion of the sales goes back to PWA


The final day! The rally hits Montreal

Day 6 b day 6 a day 6 e  day 6 d