Dr. Brian Budgell's book translated for Chinese universities

Writing a biomedical research paper – a guide to structure and style, a book by Dr. Brian Budgell, Director of CMCC Life Sciences Laboratories has now been translated into Chinese for use in a growing number of universities.

First published in 2008 by medical publishing giant Springer-Verlag, it has been used at several universities in Japan.

Budgell says the book arose from a series of workshops he developed for the post-graduate medical research program at the Kyoto University School of Medicine where he presented researchers with techniques to improve clarity and publication success rate. Springer translated the text for publication in Chinese and it has an initial printing of 4,000 copies.

To date, Budgell has eight peer-reviewed publications in linguistics, three books, one invited entry in the Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics, numerous conference presentations and has lectured on biomedical writing on four continents. This year, some of his work will be presented at the Ninth Annual Conference of the Canadian Association for the Study of Discourse and Writing, at Ryerson University in Toronto, and at Corpus Linguistics Conference 2017, at the University of Birmingham in England.
Budgell feels that the quality of modern chiropractic research may be underestimated, in part because the writing is not sufficiently convincing. In an environment where chiropractic researchers compete for publication in impactful journals, he advises that every word counts. He therefore feels that at both the undergraduate and post-graduate level, more emphasis needs to be placed on communications skills. “Better papers are accepted by better journals and so are seen by a larger number of more influential readers. If we want to enhance the cultural authority of chiropractic, then we must take writing more seriously.”