Graduation Citizenship Awards

Find a listing of awards available for Year IV students approaching graduation.

This award in honour of Dr. David Artis is open to all graduating students who submit an autobiographical sketch and an essay (250 to 700 words) on the topic “What it means to be a principled chiropractor in the historical context and in present day practice.”

This award was established by the Ontario Chiropractic Association to recognise Dr. Michael Brickman’s dedication to students. The award is presented annually to the graduating student identified by his/her peers as best exemplifying the traits of passion, dedication and enthusiasm for the chiropractic profession as well as outstanding proficiency in adjusting techniques. It includes a one year membership in the Ontario Chiropractic Association.

Dr. Douglas Brown graduated from CMCC in 1955 and has provided distinguished service to CMCC and the chiropractic profession ever since as a member, and then as Chair of the CMCC Board of Governors. He is a long time and dedicated supporter and volunteer for all of CMCC’s fundraising activities; President of the Canadian Chiropractic Historical Association; and the most published historical researcher in Canada. This award, established by CMCC in honour of Dr. Brown, is presented to a graduating student who maintains a CGPA of 3.0 while demonstrating exceptional dedication and exemplary contributions to CMCC and the chiropractic profession.

This award is presented to the student who has demonstrated excellence in rehabilitation as part of their clinical internship.

In recognition of both his 28 years leading the Canadian Chiropractic Protective Association and his unshakeable support of CMCC and the chiropractic profession, this award was established to honour Dr. Paul Carey. The award will be presented to a Year IV student with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.3 who has held a leadership position through which s/he has partnered with CMCC faculty and/or administration to develop new initiatives or programs that enhance the student experience, the curriculum, or the chiropractic profession.

The Grad Fund of the Class of 2000 established this scholarship to recognise the perseverance of a graduating student who, over the course of his/her education at CMCC, has overcome exceptional personal adversity, and continued to be an active member of his/her class.

The Class of 2003, remembered for being the first graduating class to complete the integrated curriculum, established this award at the time of their graduation. The award is given to a student who has taken a leadership role in creating a new initiative that has benefited or will benefit the students at CMCC. The ideal candidate is a person who leads the way for others in a selfless manner and may be viewed as the “unsung hero” of the class.

This award is given to the graduating student who, during his/her participation in an external clinic, has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the clinic, good clinical competency, leadership skills, and has been a good team player and excellent ambassador for CMCC.

This memorial to Dr. Andrea Fefferman was created by family, friends, colleagues, and patients who were touched by her warmth, generosity, and nurturing spirit. Dr. Fefferman graduated from CMCC in 1987 and practiced in Ottawa for 25 years. Her dedication to others helped make her a profoundly effective healer, a loving and devoted mother, an exemplary role model, and above all a true and loyal friend. She is perhaps remembered best by her patients, family and friends for her smile, which could light up a life. The awards committee selects a student who best demonstrates how the applicant has aspired to help others reach their goals and potential.

Grad Fund ’91 established a trust fund in memory of classmate Dr. Stéphane Julien. An award is presented to the graduating student who, during the course of study at CMCC, has demonstrated great dedication to helping other students in academics or technique.

This award was established through donations from the Students’ Council, faculty, and staff of CMCC in memory of Dr. Robert Kilgannon. The recipient is in good academic standing and exhibits the following qualities: good rapport with patients, including a capacity to instil confidence, and a commitment to education.

In recognition of the long standing devotion of Dr. Herbert Lee as evidenced by his academic, clinical, voluntary and altruistic contributions to CMCC for over 55 years, this award is given to a graduating student who has consistently demonstrated dedication to the CMCC community through involvement in a variety of endeavours.

Established by her family, this award honours the memory of Dr. Jane Mannington, a valued faculty member whose enthusiasm and encouragement helped female students strive for excellence. The recipient is a female graduating student who has maintained a good academic standing and who has given outstanding service to CMCC and the profession.

In recognition of the significant contribution made by Mr. Jim Morrison to the educational experience of students at CMCC during his 20 years as CMCC’s Registrar, the Awards Committee selects a student who has made a significant contribution to student life in an unassuming, altruistic and diligent manner.

An award including a one year membership in the Ontario Chiropractic Association is presented to an Ontario graduating student. The Awards Committee selects the recipient based on the following criteria: successful completion of the program with a good academic record, as well as demonstration of outstanding leadership and service to CMCC and the student body.

Members of the Class of ’79 present an award in memory of their highly respected classmate to a graduate with good academic standing who participated in student activities and shows organizational and leadership qualities.

Made possible through generous donations by administration, staff and faculty, this award is given in recognition of the valuable services rendered by the support staff of CMCC, as exemplified by Marilyn Phillips, a former employee in the Accounting Department. The Awards Committee selects as the recipient a student who has shown leadership and service to the student body and CMCC.

Physiomed was founded in 1994 by Dr. Scott Wilson, the year he graduated from CMCC. It has grown to over 30 clinics with health care professionals from over a dozen disciplines. Physiomed is committed to improving the health and wellness of Canadians and is pleased to provide this award. The recipient is chosen based on the submission of an essay (minimum 1,500 words) on the topic “My personal experience as a volunteer in the local community.”

The Students’ Council grants this award in appreciation of Dr. Sutherland’s dedication and contribution to the advancement of CMCC during his term as President. The Awards Committee selects as the recipient a student who has maintained a high academic average during the four years, while being active in student affairs and demonstrating leadership and initiative.

Friends, family members, CMCC staff and faculty, and CUPE Local 4773, established this scholarship in memory of Dr. Oryst Swyszcz who was widely recognized not only for his kind and generous presence, but also for the contributions he made to embedding integrated learning into the Doctor of Chiropractic program. A coach and mentor to many students, his sage advice on keeping the patient at the centre of chiropractic care remains among the most valuable of lessons he taught to generations of CMCC students. This scholarship is awarded to a graduating student who demonstrated significant progress in the provision of patient centred care, while embodying the values of grace, humour and kindness, during their clinical internship.

Dr. Watkins served the chiropractic profession faithfully and honourably for more than 33 years. Following a successful career as a caring practitioner, Dr. Watkins had the distinction of having held office as Executive Director for The Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA) and the Canadian Chiropractic Protective Association (CCPA). The CCA and CCPA have created this award to honour his distinguished service to the profession. Candidates will be graduates with strong academic standing who have demonstrated an interest in the Students’ Council and/or Student Canadian Chiropractic Association. The recipient receives complimentary membership in both The CCA and the CCPA for the first year of his/her practice.

This award is presented to a graduate who plans to establish a practice in the Toronto/York Peel region. The Awards Committee selects the recipient based on the following criteria: a good academic record, an altruistic attitude, good rapport with patients, and a record of volunteer service.