University of Toronto Institute of Health Policy Management and Evaluation (IHPME)

A new agreement has been established with the University of Toronto's Institute of Health Policy Management and Evaluation (IHPME) to foster greater collaboration and promote educational research among the students and faculty of CMCC's Clinical Sciences Program and those of IHPME.

Eligible students enrolled in the CMCC Clinical Sciences Chiropractic Residency program are able to apply to IHPME's Master of Science in Health Services Research (HSR) program. Students are required to apply to IHPME in their first year of study in the clinical sciences program. IHPME will grant recognition for up to two graduate level courses taken at CMCC as MSc HSR course credits. Students enrolled in this option will be required to complete a knowledge translation course at CMCC for acceptance of the MSc HSR research thesis toward the CMCC graduate studies diploma.

Students interested in applying to both programs must contact CMCC ‘s Director of Graduate Studies by November 15th of their application year. Students accepted into the CMCC Clinical Sciences Residency program who are also interested in applying to the IHPME program must submit a statement of intent and reference letter from their research supervisor to Graduate Studies by March 30th . The statement of intent (maximum 500 words) must specify the specific area of research in health services and a description of the proposed research project. The supervisor’s letter of reference should address the applicant’s preparation and competence to conduct the research, and a commitment to provide a portion of the resident’s program funding. The application will be reviewed by faculty from Graduate Studies and the successful applicant will be notified of their eligibility to apply to IHPME by May 30th.

Students will be eligible to graduate with their CMCC Graduate Studies diploma upon successful completion of the academic requirements in their third year of the pathway, subject to approval by the CMCC Graduate Student Promotions Committee. Students will be expected to meet the requirements for both CMCC Clinical Sciences Chiropractic Residency and University of Toronto IHPMS MSc HSR programs to qualify for graduation with their MSc Masters.

For further information on the University of Toronto Masters program, visit https://ihpme.utoronto.ca.

For further information on the CMCC program, please contact Dr.Stern, Director of Graduate Studies, CMCC.