Campus Safety


Whether you are a CMCC student, employee or patient at our clinics, you are a valued member of the CMCC community and we make your personal safety and security on our premises a number one priority. In addition to 24/7 security guard services on the main campus, perimeter security and access controls are installed on all external entrances to the campus facility, other than the main entrance. This provides CMCC with the ability to restrict access to the facility at any external door requiring all visitors to enter through the main/ front entranceway.

Safety is the responsibility of everyone on campus and by working together, we can ensure that your rights and your security are protected.



Where to go

If you are a Student

Visit the Student Services Division in Room 220 located on the main floor in the Bistro so they may direct you accordingly.

Office hours are Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Drop in to meet with the student counsellor or book an appointment with:

  • Ms. Karen Rice, Student Counsellor (, 416 482 2340 ext. 104
  • Ms. Kimberley Kelly, Director, Student Affairs ( 416 482 2340 ext. 219

Alternatively, all CMCC students can access the Student Assistance Plan (SAP) program called Empower Me, a new mental health and wellness service that offers confidential and accessible support in multiple languages. Call 1 844 741-6389 to connect with trained counsellors, consultants, and life coaches 24/7, 365 days/year for a variety of issues. Learn more at

If you are an Employee

Visit the Human Resources (HR) Division in Room 330 (third floor across from the Student Lounge, beside the Accounting & Finance Division). Office hours are Monday to Friday - 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. HR has an open door policy so please feel free to drop in anytime knowing that anything you discuss is confidential. Or, book an appointment with:

  • Ms. Sharlene Browne, Director, Human Resources and Employment Engagement ( Tel: 416 428 2340 ext. 254

CMCC also offers 24/7 Confidential Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) through our third party vendor ComPsych. Contact EAP services at Tel: 866 641 3847 or online by visiting,and enter in WEBID: CMCCEAP

If you are a CMCC Patient

If you feel comfortable, speak with your intern or clinician regarding any concerns you might currently be experiencing. They will be able to provide you with a list of resources designed to address whatever issue you have. If the issue you are experiencing relates to either your intern or clinician, or you wish to speak with someone else, please contact Susan Rutherford, Director, Clinic Administration ( or Tel. 416 482 2340 ext. 109 and she will be able to direct your concern to the appropriate person.

Your Safety is our Concern

The personal safety of our community members is of the utmost importance to CMCC. Individuals who feel as though their personal safety is at risk should get to safety.

On Campus

In the case of imminent danger/injury call 911 and CMCC Reception.

In case of non-imminent danger/injury, go somewhere you know with someone you trust.

Feel Violated or Victimized?

CMCC provides services to ensure that its community members are physically and psychologically healthy.Often, individuals that have had their rights violated may not feel like themselves, may feel unhealthy or unwell. If you feel that you have had your rights violated or have been victimized:

Remember – it is not your fault.

  • Talk to someone you trust such as a close friend or relative.
  • Talk to a CMCC representative who is trained to protect your identity and provide you with help.
  • If the violation was physical in nature and even if you feel you have no obvious injuries, seek medical attention.

Feel unsafe? Have you been assaulted or victimized?

If you are a Student

Consult with Ms. Karen Rice, Student Counsellor ( 416 482 2340 ext.104 to discuss your personal situation or the Student Services Division T: 416 482 2340 ext. 147 and they will provide you with the appropriate help.

If you are an Employee

Contact the Human Resources Division or your immediate supervisor if you believe he or she should be apprised and has resources to help.

If you are a Patient (or if you are off campus and need immediate assistance)

If you feel comfortable, speak with your intern or clinician. They will be able to provide you with a list of resources designed to address whatever issue you have. If the issue you are experiencing relates to either your intern or clinician, or you wish to speak with someone else, please contact Susan Rutherford, Director, Clinic Administration ( or Tel. 416 482 2340 ext. 109 and she will be able to direct your concern to the appropriate person.

In urgent circumstances where you need immediate assistance

Call Police at 416 808 3200 or 416 967 2133 or call 911

Indigenous Counselling Services

Anishnawbe Health Toronto (AHT) - Traditional Counselling Services 

Anishnawbe Health Toronto (AHT)’s Traditional Team uses both traditional and western approaches to healing. They provide non-judgmental, compassionate support and work with individuals on a broad range of issues, such as: abuse (physical/emotional/sexual/spiritual), effects of the residential school system, heritage identity, substance use, adoption and foster care issues, self-esteem, and relationship issues.

Through AHT’s culture and traditional healing methods, Traditional Healers, Elders and Medicine People help individuals, families and communities strive for balance, harmony and good health.


Queen Street East
225 Queen St E, Toronto, ON 

Gerrard Street East
179 Gerrard, St E, Toronto, ON

Charles Street
4 Charles St E, Toronto, ON

Sexual Assault Resources

Toronto Rape Crisis Centre

Tel: 416 597 1171 (main line) or 416 597 8808 (counselling line). Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

The centre offers legal support, referrals, a 24-hour crisis line, support groups and in-person counselling for victims of sexual assault.

More information can be found at

Assaulted Women’s Help Line

Tel: 416 863 0511 or 1 866 863 0511 (Ontario).

If assaulted in the last 72 hours, call the Emergency Help Line 416 323 6040. It is anonymous, accessible 24 hours a day. More information is available at

Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence Care Centre at the Women’s College Hospital

Tel: 416 323 6040, located at 76 Grenville Street, TO M5S 1B2

24-hour medical care centre for adults who have been victims of sexual assault, offering emergency and follow-up

Barbara Schlifer Commemorative Clinic

Tel: 416 323 9149, located at 489 College Street, Suite 503, TO M6G 1A5.

Free counselling, legal, interpretation, information and referral service for women who are survivors of violence. Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

York Region Women's Sexual Assault Helpline

Tel: 905 895 7313

Hostel Services, Central Intake

Tel: 416 397 5637

Ontario Victim Support Line

Tel: 416 314 2447

Peel Rape Crisis Centre

Tel: 905 273 9442

You may just need to talk to someone. Some people need help figuring out what has happened to them and how to process it; others just feel off and need to vent.

Help is Always Available

CMCC is committed to helping all members of the CMCC community. Just know that a CMCC representative is available for you whenever you may need resources in the future. Our help is not a one-time service.

If you just want someone to talk to:

  • The City of Toronto offers a variety of crisis services through Emergency and Crisis Services at
  • The Gerstein Centre offers free 24/7 crisis intervention to adults living in the City of Toronto who experience mental health problems.
  • Crisis Line at 416 929 5200.
  • You can call the Toronto Distress Centre at 416 408 HELP (4357). The Toronto Distress Centre provides a confidential help-line service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to persons experiencing emotional distress.
  • EMPOWER ME by StudentCare 1-844-741-6389 (toll free)

Online Chat Counseling Service for all Indigenous peoples

The Hope for Wellness Help Line offers immediate mental health counselling and crisis intervention to all Indigenous peoples across Canada. .

Experienced and culturally competent Help Line counsellors can assist those who:
  • want to talk
  • are distressed
  • have strong emotional reactions
  • are triggered by painful memories
If asked, counsellors can also work with individuals to find other local, wellness supports. Phone and chat counselling is available in English and French. On request, phone counselling is also available in:
  • Cree
  • Ojibway
  • Inuktitut

Call the toll-free Help Line at 1-855-242-3310, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Online chat box is also available.

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