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Chiropractic Residency Programs

CMCC's graduate programs have produced over 110 graduates since 1975 who have become recognised leaders in academia, research, health administration and politics. Alumni can be found as members of national and international elite sports teams, executives, clinicians and scientists within university and chiropractic programs around the world.
CMCC offers graduate residency-based programs in three speciality areas: Clinical Sciences, Diagnostic Imaging, and Sports Sciences. All programs combine clinical and theoretical learning through placements supervised by specialists from chiropractic and other health care professions offering exposure to a variety of complex cases and clinical perspectives. The programs emphasize evidence-based practice through practical skill development, research and teaching, both at CMCC and through collaborative arrangements with other health care and laboratory facilities.
A common core curriculum underpins the residency programs, which then diverges to include courses specific to the respective specialty (Clinical Sciences, Disagnostic Imaging, or Sports Sciences). Practica span the core disciplines of teaching, patient management, consulting, and research involving interprofessional collaboration with other health care clinicians and scientists.

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