Doctor of Chiropractic

The undergraduate program at CMCC is a second entry baccalaureate honours degree program, offered to qualified candidates who have completed a minimum of three years of university level study prior to admission.

The undergraduate evidence-based curriculum is a rigorous 4,500+ hour program that provides the in depth knowledge required to develop competent and successful chiropractors. The first two years of the curriculum emphasize the foundational courses in the biological sciences (anatomy, pathology, physiology, microbiology, etc.). Beginning in Year I, and becoming the emphasis of the program in Years III and IV, are the professional courses in chiropractic studies, psychomotor skills, clinical education, and the related health professional courses (business, jurisprudence, ethics and professionalism).

CMCC prepares tomorrow’s chiropractors to be experts in spinal and musculoskeletal health, clinically competent, compassionate, ethical and confident members of the healthcare team. Graduates are eligible to write national licensing examinations and enter clinical practice as primary contact healthcare professionals, and may pursue graduate studies, research and teaching.

• Doctor of Chiropractic Program Graduate Competencies