Year IV Clinical Internship

CE 4405 Chiropractic Clinical Practice: Internship

The clinical internship year provides interns with an opportunity to apply their pre-clinical learning and patient care skills in a supervised and supportive environment. The clinical application of learned knowledge and skills for patient assessment, care and communication is the focus of this course. The internship provides the experience necessary to succeed as practicing chiropractors in an evolving health care environment.

CE 4407 Clinical Laboratory Clerkship

Laboratory tests and a review of the most common haematological, immunological and biochemical disorders encountered in a chiropractic practice are provided. Laboratory reports are examined and findings are related to clinical manifestations.

CE 4408 Radiology Laboratory Clerkship

Through radiographic examination of patients, the basics of proper radiographic procedure and technique, film processing and quality assurance are presented.

CE 4409 Clinical X-ray Interpretation and Reporting

Skill at producing accurate, concise and effective radiographic reports that meet the expected standards for chiropractic practice are developed through the generation of reports on a large variety of cases. Knowledge gained throughout the radiology and clinical courses in the curriculum is integrated and utilized.

CE 4410 Entrepreneurship

Foundational knowledge of entrepreneurship is presented. Students are encouraged to understand themselves and their preferences through self-evaluation and reflection. Instruction is provided towards understanding components of operating a business, the marketplace and marketing, budgeting, tax and law related to operating a small business, and business ethics.

DI 4401 Advanced Diagnostic Imaging

Advanced imaging for the detection and evaluation of musculoskeletal and other conditions is presented, including Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Diagnostic Ultrasound (DUS), Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT), Positron Emission Tomography (PET), Electron Beam Tomography (EBT), Bone Densitometry, Nuclear Medicine and Computed Tomography. A basic understanding of the various techniques, their clinical indications, contraindications and usefulness in a clinical setting, and the need for referral for further evaluation and/or co-management as appropriate are provided.

PA 4407 Public Health

Topics that impact the health of individuals, communities and society at large are explored within the context of the public health system in Canada. Included in the discussions are basic epidemiology, health policy, population health, environmental health, disease prevention, health behaviours, the impact of culture on public health, communicable and non-communicable diseases, and work disability prevention.

RM 4301 Investigative Project — Completion and Report

Students are required to complete the work initiated by RM 2301 and proposed in RM 3301. The completion of RM 4301 in Year IV requires that research data collection be concluded and the appropriate final report, approved by the faculty supervisor, be submitted to the Research Administrator. Note: RM 4301 can be replaced by successful completion of RMO 3302.