Annual Giving Program

Help us make a difference in the lives of our students and their future patients through our annual giving program.

We are excited to share news that we have moved away from the annual membership program and introduced our Annual Giving Program. With this move, we offer a more flexible, sustainable way to support CMCC and a personal income tax receipt.

Your past generosity has made it possible for us to:

  • Use tools like the Anatomage table, a 3D anatomy and virtual dissection table, helpful for embedding deep learning through its ability to simulate real bodies and different body systems.
  • Develop Force Sensing Table Technology. These tables, along with thoracic mannikins, help students fine tune their technique skills and prepare them for practice.
  • To support, along with the Foundation of the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Canada, a Sports Practice Based Research Network. This SPBRN is already making data gathering easier and advancing sports chiropractic.
  • Purchase and be pandemic-ready with Panopto Lecture Capture. This system, which was first introduced in 2017, gives students easy access to almost any of their lectures for review and has enhanced their ability to view educational aids in real time during lectures and even provides captions for enhanced understanding.

Your continuing support helps us to:

  • Modernize and build new learning environments to take advantage of digital transformation and emerging technologies
  • Transform classroom spaces to allow maximum flexibility for program delivery
  • Maintain affordable tuition fees
  • Offer new, more diverse clinical experiences
  • Develop enriched Continuing Education offerings

Your contribution can be fully applied to your income taxes. You will receive a donation receipt along with the gratitude of our current and future students.

Sandra Rabah, President of CMCC Students' Council 2023
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