Patient Rights & Responsibilities

The Division of Clinical Education is committed to excellence by providing chiropractic clinical education, with the purpose of developing a primary contact health care professional through exemplary patient care, community service, fostering of research and leadership in innovative educational methods.

Your Rights

In order to achieve these goals, we make the following pledge to you – the patient.

  • To be treated in a considerate and respectful manner regarding your privacy and your right to confidentiality
  • To receive relevant information and education concerning your diagnosis, treatment and prognosis in a manner which is understandable to you
  • To make decisions about your plan of chiropractic health care prior to and at any time during the course of treatment
  • To expect that members of your chiropractic health care team will communicate with one another to ensure continuity of care
  • To know who is treating you at all times and who is the chiropractic clinical supervisor in charge of your treatment
  • To express your concerns and receive a response to your questions

Your Responsibilities

Your rights carry with them certain responsibilities. We ask you to respect the following:

  • To provide relevant information to the members of your chiropractic health care team to help them in the process of caring for you
  • To follow the chiropractic treatment plan created for you to the best of your ability
  • To accept responsibility for the decisions you make about your treatment
  • To be courteous and respectful to other patients, staff and members of the chiropractic health care team
  • To recognize that the chiropractic health care team will only provide chiropractic treatment that is ethically appropriate
  • To understand the role of teaching and research and co-operate with health care professionals in that regard
  • To respect the clinic’s property and comply with the regulations and policies
  • To be responsible for all fees incurred at our clinics