CMCC Researchers welcome colleagues from Macquarie University in Australia

From July 8 to 10, Drs. Mike Swain and Aron Downie from Macquarie University met with Drs. Martha Funabashi and Sam Howarth to discuss potential joint research projects.

While here, each of them presented to clinical interns and graduate students on their research. Swain’s research area is the epidemiology of childhood MSK conditions. Downie’s research concerns the initial assessment of patients with back pain and when it may be appropriate to refer for further investigation.

For the majority of their visit, they planned collaborative projects in connection with the Human Performance Laboratory and discussed with Dr. Starmer the ways in which they could integrate their FSTT® into their curriculum.

To learn more about their individual and collaborative research topics, you can view their individual publication profiles below:

Dr. Michael Swain

Dr. Aron Downie

Dr. David Starmer

Dr. Martha Funabashi

Dr. Sam Howarth