Dr. Martha Funabashi on Chiropracticscience.com

Dr. Martha Funabashi awarded New Frontiers in Research Fund

CMCC Researcher Dr. Martha Funabashi was a guest Thursday, May 2, on Dr. Dean Smith’s podcast, www.chiropracticscience.com. She spoke about her recent studies: one about Patient Safety, one about forces experienced by the spine during manipulation vs. those that arise during passive movements, and one about manipulating the "wrong" level of the spine. www.chiropracticscience.com/podcast/drmarthafunabashi

Funabashi’s research interest involves the safety aspects spinal manipulative therapies (SMTs), including the development and implementation of a just and trust environment promoting and supporting an open patient safety culture for SMT providers.

Her research interests is also on the underlying mechanisms of SMT and investigating safety aspects of SMT through basic science. She also has an interest in the SMT characterization and linking it to clinical outcomes. In addition to her degrees, she also has a certification as in clinical osteopathic techniques and has a certification as a clinical research coordinator.