CMCC is proud to sponsor the Friends for Life bike rally in support of PWA

In July 2017, six CMCC interns will accompany riders for The Friends for Life Bike Rally, July 30 – August 4 , offering treatment and support during the long bike ride from Toronto to Montreal, sponsored by the Toronto People with Aids Foundation (PWA).

“PWA played a role in the formation of our clinic at Sherbourne and is the kind of forward-thinking social agency we are proud to work with.” Dr. Tony Tibbles, Dean of Clinics at CMCC.

It is the fifth year the CMCC group has joined the rally in what has become an increasingly popular outreach for the interns. This year the group will be accompanied by Dr. Janet D'Arcy and Dr. Craig Jacobs. This year again, CMCC is a major sponsor of the event and will participate in sponsorship and outreach events which take place throughout June and July.

Interns and clinicians are also involved in a number of training rides and educational outreaches such as teaching the Rubbermaid Rustlers proper lifting form and technique to protect their backs during the rally.

CMCC interns will provide comprehensive musculoskeletal care for injuries, aches and pains during the ride, including neck, back, arm, wrist, leg and ankle pain and injury. Care may consist of soft tissue/myofascial techniques, spinal or extremity mobilization and manipulation, as well as education and rehabilitation for a wide variety of musculoskeletal complaints leading up to, and occurring during the ride.

Dr. Craig Jacobs, Director of Clinical Education and Patient Care at CMCC, cycled in 2005 and was involved in the creation of this partnership. He says interns are busy treating between 30 and 40 riders daily on the 600km charity fundraiser. “We travelled by van, treated the cyclists during their lunch breaks and met them at their campsite where we treated again and then camped overnight ourselves. That was the process during the six day journey.”

Chiropractic patients at Sherbourne Health Centre also participate each year in the bike rally and for the last three years Dr. Jacobs and Dr. D’Arcy were awarded one of the top crew fundraisers, raising money for PWA on CMCC’s behalf. CMCC also received PWA’s Friends of the Foundation Award in 2013 for its support of the Toronto People with AIDS Foundation and contribution during the bike rally.

If you'd like to support the CMCC Team in this year's rally, please visit their fundraising page here