Healthy Cycling tips

Whether looking to particiapte in the Friends for Life bike rally, commute to and from work or just relax with a ride on the weekend, here are some helpful tips to ensure the ride is an enjoyable and injury-free occasion.

How to modify your bike to prevent back pain

A study looking at prevelance of injury among professional, elite level road cyclists found that 58 per cent of 109 surveyed had an episode of low back pain in previous 12 months (23 per cent reported episode of knee pain)...

Bike modifications to prevent low back pain

Proper nutrition for cyclists

Road cycling, especially over consecutive days and hundreds of kilometres, requires strength, endurance, some anaerobic strength (sprinting or during efforts up short and steep hills), and a LOT of energy. Amateur cyclists often struggle determining what they need to eat before, during, and after rides to get fit, stay fit, and to recover fast for the next time out on the bike...

Nutrition for Cyclists

Handlebar Palsy

Handlebar palsy is a common condition that affects new cyclists training long distances for the first time and involves the short-term loss of sensation, pins and needle type pain, and decreased muscle strength of the pinky finger side of the hand. Find out why and how it is caused, and what can be done about it.

Information sheet on Handlebar Palsy