Toting Tots 2017

On Thursday, May 11, CMCC hosted parents and tots from all around the Toronto area for an educational information session followed by a complimentary parent and baby yoga class.

Interns gave useful tips and strategies through an interactive presentation on how to safely lift, carry and feed an infant. The yoga session was led by a qualified post-natal yoga instructor, providing an excellent way for new parents to learn new exercises and have some bonding time with babies.

Again this year, participants reported having a great experience. CMCC already heard from two enthusiastic moms:

"Thanks again to you, the staff, and the student interns for providing such a fun afternoon. It was my first exercise outing with my baby and we really enjoyed it. It’s such a great initiative for new moms and hope there will be more in the (nearer!) future."

"Thank you, today was great! It was especially helpful to have extra hands to entertain the littles ones so the mamas could focus on stretches!"

Special thanks to Ashley Carasoulos for organizing the event and to Dr. Lara DeGraauw and interns for providing such beneficial information!