Graduation Academic Awards

Find a listing of awards available for Year IV students approaching graduation.

The Board of Governors' Chair's Award is presented to a graduating student who has represented the student body in discussions and dealings with the administration and the Board of Governors while maintaining a satisfactory academic record.

Dr. Donald Bramham of Regina was a long time Board Member of the Canadian Chiropractic Protective Association (CCPA) and was instrumental in its creation. The CCPA has created this award to honour his prominent service to the profession. The recipient has achieved the second highest academic standing in Year IV and receives a complementary membership in the CCPA for the first year of his/her practice.

The President's Award is presented to a graduating student who, in addition to having obtained high academic and clinical standing, has made an outstanding contribution to CMCC life over the four years of study.

Brian Ferguson, MD and Celina White, MD, were so impressed with the education their son Brad Ferguson, DC received at CMCC, as well as with the numerous professional interactions they have had with other CMCC graduates that they have funded this award to recognise excellence in patient diagnosis, care and education. This award is presented to two students from the graduating class who demonstrate high academic standing, practice patient centred and collaborative care, and engage in their community through participation in outreach activities.

This scholarship has been established in memory of Konrad C. and Aurelia M. Istrati and their daughter, Dr. Delilah J. Istrati. It is awarded annually to two graduating students from Saskatchewan who attain the first and second highest cumulative grade point average.

Dr. Hoskins was a founding member and Secretary of the Board of Governors of CMCC. Dr. Sommacal was a founding member and Chair of the Board of Governors. In appreciation of their contributions, this award is presented by CMCC to an intern from the Campus Clinic who has shown outstanding proficiency in Clinical Education.

The Class of '83 established an award in appreciation of the leadership and inspiration imparted by Dr. Ron King, a former faculty member and Clinic Director at CMCC. It is given on the basis of excellence in clinical chiropractic diagnostic skills.

The valedictorian is awarded this scholarship, established by the family and friends of the late Judy Ladell.

Funded through the generous support of CMCC members, alumni and supporters, the Jean A. Moss Fellowship ensures that the next generation of young alumni/ae and emerging chiropractors can continue the legacy of Dr. Moss' leadership in global health and community development. Each year, Year IV students in the DC program will be invited to submit proposals for the fellowship. If the proposal is successful, one graduating student will be awarded a one-time fellowship of up to $5000 to support his/her participation in a global health and community development initiative.

This award is presented by Dr. Scott Wilson, Class of 1994, in recognition of his commitment to improving the health and wellness of Canadians through a successful network of over 30 clinics with health care professionals from over a dozen disciplines. It is presented to a student who has obtained a high overall academic standing during the four year program with excellence in the Health Care Management course.

The Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences (Canada) Award goes to a CMCC graduating student who has been accepted or is seeking acceptance into either the Sports Sciences graduate program at CMCC or a university based sports sciences residency program, who has demonstrated significant contribution to the sporting community and has attained a high academic standing.

The Canadian Chiropractic Association presents this scholarship in memory of Dr. Sturdy, its first President and one of the founding members of CMCC. The award is given to the student who has achieved the highest overall academic standing during the four year program.

The late Dr. Vern Welsh was an active member of the Board of Directors of the Ontario Chiropractic Association (OCA) and a loyal supporter of CMCC. The award includes a one year membership in the OCA. The recipient must be an Ontario resident who has achieved academic excellence in the subject area of diagnostic imaging.

Dr. Gilbert H. Young was an outstanding leader of the profession both in his native British Columbia and across Canada. He served on the CMCC Board of Governors, including a two year term as Chair. The award, from a trust fund established from his estate, is given to the student with the highest academic standing in Year IV.