Throughout the month of February, Campus Health encouraged the CMCC community to participate in random acts of kindness so that we can make a positive difference to those around us. In the spirit of making a difference, we invited the community to continue the momentum, and support Pink Shirt Day – a national anti-bullying campaign that takes place at the end of the month.

Pink Shirt Day was inspired by an act of kindness in a small town in Nova Scotia where two teenage boys organized a protest in their high school after witnessing a fellow classmate being bullied for wearing a pink shirt. As a result, the boys rallied other students to wear a pink shirt to school to show support and encouragement for their peer.

Bullying can take place in schools, homes and the workplace and may lead to mental health issues for those who experience it. On Wednesday, February 26 Campus Health invited staff, students and faculty to wear a pink shirt to show support for the victims of bullying and to let them know they are not alone.