Ongoing Funds and Campaigns

Academic programming

CMCC is known internationally for its high academic standards achieving pass rates of 98% on domestic board exams and excelling at US exams, has earned our graduates a reputation that opens doors both at home and abroad.

The achievements of our students are the result of four years of comprehensive education with faculty working together to coordinate content and ensure that understanding is comprehensive and complete. Combining lectures, labs, case studies and clinical internship provides a smooth transition from academic knowledge to diagnosis, treatment and management of patients' conditions.

How we equip and administer the curriculum enhances its value and the experience of our students. Improved laboratory facilities, an outstanding chiropractic library and online learning communities are all supported by our Academic Fund and are just some examples of its benefits.

Your contribution to academic programming assures:

  • Superior instructors and mentors for students
  • Freedom for the academic innovation that leads to increasingly superior course delivery
  • The development of community teaching clinics that give students the opportunity to work with diverse populations and benefit patients from a variety of backgrounds

Anatomage Tables for the Anatomy Lab

These revolutionary teaching tables with 3D display increase learning opportunities through diverse display modes, the ability to perform repeated virtual dissections among various tissue groups and to project work for group sharing. These and other capabilities support curricular learning and complement traditional disection work with cadavers.

Building Fund

CMCC's campus is designed to facilitate education and inspire learning. It is responsible for approximately 180 new graduates moving into the professional world each year, in addition to a growing number of graduate students. Practical technical design, environmentally conscious building practices and architectural excellence make it attractive to faculty and students; and a landmark for chiropractic in Canada.

One building hosts all of our education and research facilities – including laboratories, a radiology department, a teaching and rehabilitation clinic, and the CMCC Health Sciences Library, which hosts the largest collection of chiropractic resources in Canada.

It is also home to the CMCC Supply Centre and Bookstore, one of the largest suppliers of chiropractic and rehabilitation products in Canada. The Supply Centre carries all textbooks and manuals for classes in addition to reference material and general interest books.

The building's unique features include:

  • Simulation labs where students and interns can develop diagnostic, treatment and radiology skills
  • A large chiropractic library complete with the first online archival database devoted to the study of the history of chiropractic
  • Six research labs
  • An anatomy lab, one of only 10 in Ontario
  • A 7,000 sq ft campus clinic, where interns hone their skills with accomplished clinicians.

Clinical Outcomes, Health Services and Policy Research

Research directed towards improving outcomes for muskuloskeletal conditions, a foundational component of chiropractic care, through studies focusing on clinical assessment and interventions. Primary areas of study include clinical guideline development, systematic reviews, studies of assessment and diagnosis, clinical and cost-effectiveness trials, prognosis, disability, rehabilitation and health services.

Lecture Hall Seat Fund

Leave your legacy in CMCC's Lecture Hall

The CMCC campus, with its spacious atrium, world class library and state of the art lecture halls, is the face of chiropractic in Canada. Within the lecture halls, individual careers and the collective future of the profession are formed.

For a small donation, you can add your name or that of a loved one to be engraved on a gold plaque on a seat in one of the lecture halls commemorating the time spent in achieving a dream and encouraging future classes to pursue theirs.

Research into the Physiological Effects of Chiropractic Adjustments

CMCC researchers are conducting a number of basic scientific studies to understand the mechanisms by which chiropractic care achieves its many effects. Among the projects underway are studies of the role of inflammation, the effects of spinal cord and nerve root compression, the role of sensory input from the vertebral arteries and molecular responses to cervical adjustment.

To learn more about these innovative opportunities, please contact  Dr. Peter Kim, Director, Development and Clinic Advancement at 416 482 2340 x 184 or Lynne Hodgson at 416 482 2340 x 270.

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