Ways to Give

There are so many reasons to support CMCC, as many as there are students.

You can make your meaningful gift to provide students with the opportunities they need to contribute to the health of the world around them.


Donations can be made at any time and are tax receiptable. You may choose to give through credit, cheque, stocks and securities, life insurance or as a bequest in a will. Your donation may be one time, monthly or through an endowment.

To learn more about ways of giving that will generate tax savings for you, click here. Or, to estimate the amount of tax credit available for your donation, please use the Charitable Donation Tax Credit Calculator.

Make a donation online or get our mailing address

If you are interested in giving and wish to discuss which area you would like to support, please contact Lynne Hodgson, Fundraising Development Specialist, 416 482 2340 ext. 270 email; Lynne Hodgson

Dr. Peter Kim, Director, Development and Clinic Advancement 416 482 2340 ext. 184 email: Dr. Peter Kim

Awards and scholarships

Financing a professional program requires planning, budgeting and support. To help balance the costs, CMCC offers close to 100 scholarships, awards and bursaries, made possible through the generosity of its donors.

CMCC selects students on the basis of their academic and extracurricular activities in addition to their skills, interests and commitment to the profession.

Your gift can make a career in chiropractic financially accessible to more students – and make a pivotal difference in their lives by helping them reach their potential. (need some sort of link here to a form)

Endowment funds

Create a legacy with as little as $15,000. Endowments are individually recorded and managed by RBC through a Board of Governor's approved investment strategy.

Some funds provide annual financial awards for students, while others direct funds towards acquisitions for the library, sports or other programs. Donors may present their awards to student recipients during the annual awards ceremony.

The information provided is general in nature, does not constitute legal or financial advice, and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional advice. We strongly encourage you to seek professional, legal, estate planning and financial advice before making any decisions.

Tribute and In Memoriam gifts

Honour the life of a colleague, friend or loved one through our Tributes and In Memoriam program through which you can mark an occasion or express your sympathy while making a lasting impact.

Another way to give

CMCC`s Body Donation program

Through CMCC you can provide a gift that celebrates the importance of life, health and knowledge. When a person donates his or her body to chiropractic education and research, it helps prepare tomorrow's chiropractors for a lifetime of vital work in the health care field. Learn more.


Remembering CMCC in your will is a generous and rewarding act. You retain control of your assets during your lifetime, yet provide for future generations of chiropractic. 

You can leave securities or designate a fixed amount or percentage of your estate. Your estate will receive a charitable tax receipt that can lower its taxes.You can also honour a loved one by establishing a named endowment fund.

Leaving a gift to CMCC in your will is simple. Talk it over with your family and loved ones, and then speak to a lawyer about drafting or revisiting your will or adding a codicil.

We will be happy to speak with you about what your gift will accomplish. Contact Dr. Peter Kim, Director, Development and Clinic Advancement 416 482 2340 ext. 184 or email